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Raffles Hoof (Equestria 928)
Art done by TherandomSniper 
Raffles Hoof is owned by Existenceinanutshell
MLP Belongs to Hasbro
Will be updated at a later date.
Box Advice
art done by Milky16 
Stellaluna is owned by both Existenceinautshell and MLPFrost 
MLP is owned by Hasbro
Quote: "Be happy in front of people who hate your guts, because it pisses them the hell off."
So Milk did this as a request for me, since she's doing this box request art right now, I highly recommended checking her out and looking at her box requests right here

Box Requests Open by Milky16
Request #2 for existenceinanutshell by PinkKitten216
(Art done by PinkKitten216 )

We have a smartass here.
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  • Watching: Penny Dreadful
Memories #1
 It was a sad day. At least for some ponies. Raffles Hoof attended a funeral. But the funeral was for one of the zebroid he had held close to his heart. A few weeks earlier his beloved was found dead. It was like any other funeral, but only 3 to 6 ponies were there. It was silent. No pony talked. Timber was crying and no matter how much he tried to wipe the tears off his face, the tears just crept out of his tear ducts and on his cold cheeks, knowing his first friend that he ever made, was dead. Raffles was responsible for taking Timber home.
    ".... Are you doing ok?" Raffles asked Timber. Timber didn't respond.
    "Thank you." Timber whispered under his breath.
    "It's nothing. It's probably the best thing I can do right now." Raffles responded
     When they got to Timber's house, they said farewell to each other and when on with their day. After taking Timber home, Raffles started remembering about his and Bulrush's relationship. Both the good and the bad, from beginning to last.

Story written by Existenceinanutshell & TherandomSniper 
Art done by the ever so fabulous TherandomSniper 
MLP belongs to hasbro
Request for Existenceinanitshell: by PinkKitten216
(Art done by PinkKitten216 please give her a watch and a favorite if you haven't already)

What? The Hoof family had to some type of drawing together after all right?
  • Listening to: Paperweight-by Joshua Radin
  • Watching: Penny Dreadful
Warriors Cats OC
So the ever talented SnowyDaPup13 or SnowyDaDragonWolf13 did this for me when she wanted something to do, and she's a huge Warriors fan so I request this be done.

I also used to be a Warriors fan when I was younger back in middle school, and I really liked the series until the authors behind the Warriors series decided to kill off a character I really enjoyed in the 2nd or 3rd series.
Smoke Break
Wyshied's home, like her mother's, was well past the edge of the Evergreen Forest, and built within the hollow center of a massive tree. It wasn't too far from her mother's, but far enough to afford plenty of privacy. After asking a few simple questions of the other zebroid, found he would be staying a few days on business--but Ponyville wasn't exactly a metroplis and had no Inn. 

He could've probably found a pony to let him rent a room, but she offered her spare while he was here. After all, what better company than another zonkey? 

"Make yourself at home." she said, as she bumped open the door with her snout, trotting inside. It was a modest affair, with pillows scattered about, a large iron cauldron bubbling pleasantly away and giving off a faint greenish glow. Shelves were all around the immense room (was it larger within than it was without? Hard to tell...) and were loaded with a strange collection of object, some seeming mundane while the others were...eclectic to say the least. A narrow, spiral staircase wound up to a loft of sorts, and down the opposite way into what was apparently a ...root cellar. 

It was odd for Wyshied to have anyone in here besides her mother and Noodles, but not an unpleasant feeling. 
"The spare room is up that staircase. It's just a cot. No one really uses it except the occasional injured creature from deeper in the woods. Don't worry, it's clean." she assured him, as she reared up on her rear hooves to search the shelves.

"Oh, I'm sure I've slept in worse. It'll be fine." he said, simply, as he sat down on one of the thick cushioned pillows, peering around curiously. "What's in the cauldron?"

"Atmosphere." came the wry response, amusement tinging her voice.


"It makes like, a pleasant sound and smell, and sort of ties the room together. My mother's doing." Wyshied explained, as she came down and turned to take a seat near him. Noodle was curled tightly around what seemed to be a hoof-crafted box, elegantly decorated with the esoteric symbols of the Zebra homeland, much like the masks that hung on the walls. Opening it, she revealed a smoking pipe and a small bag. "Hope you don't mind. I'm dissuading myself from cursing those stupid ponies." she sighed, as she took the end of the pipe in her mouth and Noodle processed to use his surprisingly dextrous tail to upend the bag into the pipe. 

A glittering mass of rainbow colored herbs slid forth. And Noodle slid his tail around a match, struck it and lit it from around her neck. Useful little creature, obviously, and not a normal snake. Taking a few puffs, the smoke itself was even rainbow colored, smelling like...well, whatever one found most pleasant. Wyshied smelled the deep forest loam, Belladona, and Poison Joke. Raffles would likely smell something entirely different.

"What is that?" he wondered.

"Hm...something I created during an experiment few years back." she said, after a long drag. "Just...sort of like an enhanced version of marijuana. A magical version, I suppose, since I used more than a few non-common herbs to mix in with it. I was trying to create something else---I forget what---but when I infused it with my potion it sort of...blew up." 

Raffles' brows raised. "You practice magic?"

"Zebra magic, but yeah, magic all the same I guess. You don't?" 

He shook his head, frowning. "No...I wasn't raised by a zebra." he murmured, watching her expression moving quickly towards a content, relaxed one as the pleasant smelling herbs took effect.

"Ah...well, it's got its ups and downs. If I could, I'd just curse the little shits and be done with it but...I promised I wouldn't delve -too- deep into the dark end of things..." she sighed, shifting to take the pipe between her hooves and offering it to her new companion. After a moment of hesitation, he accepted it, and took a drag, finding himself pleasantly surprised when he swore he could -taste- the red, blue and green hues of the smoke, strange though it sounded.

"If you stay around long enough, maybe I could show you some basic stuff. Anyone can learn it, long as they aren't complete idiots." she hummed, as Noodle slithered over her back and down her side to coil himself next to her belly. 

"That sounds interesting." Raffles agreed, as tension quickly oozed out of his muscles. The encounter with the two lunk heads had been quite unpleasant, but this was quickly making him forget all about it. 

Art and story by Dreamy-Drapony 
Raffles Hoof is owned by Existenceinanutshell
Wysheid is owned by Dreamy-Drapony 
MLP is owned by Hasbro

All rights go to their respected owners.
Teaming Up by existenceinanutshell 

Gift| Smoke Break by Creative-Blossom

Other stories in this universe
TAKEN---Chapter 1 Cover by Dreamy-Drapony
Art by an amazing person called Diamondsingthesky 
Character is owned by me aka Existenceinanutshell
MLP belongs to Hasbro
So Sky decided to give this to me because she's just simply, awesome like that truth be told.

Do I really need to say more? Anyway check Diamondsingthesky and give her a watch and a favorite.
Gift| Smoke Break by Creative-Blossom
(Art done by Creative-Blossom and I highly recommended clicking on the image for the story, and if you haven't already give her a favorite and watch)
  • Listening to: Paperweight-by Joshua Radin
  • Watching: Penny Dreadful
Stephen Edwin King
The quote and the picture do not belong to me. (Although I did put the quote in the picture)
All rights to to their respected owners.
I grew up reading Stephen King, he is personally one of my favorite authors (if my Stephen King collection didn't alert you to that.)

And even though his stories may have been a bit too repetitive at times for my taste, I always enjoyed at the root of his horror was not a tale about monsters or ghosts, but about people when you start to break down his stories.
City Lights
Raven: "Beautiful night sky huh?...." *Looks at Raffles scared* "Raffles...I, I have something to tell you..."

Raffles: "And that is?"

Raven: *Tears start to form in her eyes and begins crying* "You were right about everything alright! I did kill my parents! I did lie to you! I did try to hide the evidence!"

Raffles: "Raven then you know I-"

Raven: "Raffles before you say anything else just listen okay!"

Raffles "....."

Raven: "I know telling you this will put me in jail! I know telling you this probably makes me one if not the biggest idiot in all of Equestria! But I can't continue lying to you..."

Raffles "Raven.."

Raven: "My parents did horrible things to me. Horrible things that should not be done to any pony okay! The kind of things that leave you wishing you were dead! So no I don't hold any regret for what I did Raffles!"

Raffles *Moves close to her and puts both of hooves on different sides of her face*

Raven: "But I do regret hiding the evidence from you... I do regret lying to you. Because Raffles.....when I look at you I don't feel so alone anymore! Because when I looked into your eyes for the first time, I saw some zebroid who is lonely like me! When I'm with you, I feel like I'm somepony special! You make me feel beautiful, smart, one of a kind Raffles.....but if you must arrest me and throw away the keys I under-"

Raffles: "Shut up."

Raven: "Huh?"

Raffles: *Kisses her*

Raven: *Look of shock*

Raffles: "I'm not arresting you....and I never will okay? So just this once let us both stop talking.....just this once, and enjoy ourselves. *Kisses her again more deeply*
Art done by MLPFrost 
Dialogue Written by Existenceinanutshell
Raven is owned by MLPFrost 
Raffles Hoof is owned by Existenceinanutshell
MLP is owned by Hasbro
Achievements (Wip)
Raffles: "Where did she escape to now..."
Raven: *Sniffling in another room*
Raffles: "Hmm?" *opens the door to see Raven tearing up sitting on the floor*
Raven: "..."
Raffles: "...?" *walking closer to her*
Raven: "What? What is it?"
Raffles: "What are you doing?..."
Raven: "What does it look like?"
Raffles: "Looks like your sitting on the filthy floor is what it looks like to me"
Raven:".... nice inference"
Raffles: "Alright what's the meaning behind all this...?"
Raven:"Shouldn't you be able to figure this out!?... I mean you are a Private Detective aren't you?!..."
Raffles: "... Well of course in a sense I am, and I am quite proud of tha-" *gets cut off by Raven*
Raven: "Exactly! You're happy!"
Raffles: "I still don't know the meaning behind your rambling" 
Raven: "You're happy with your job. You like it. You wanted it"
Raffles:".... And?"
Raven: "I'm not. I didn't get what I wanted so badly to be..."
Raven: "I wanted it so badly...." *stands up*
Raffles: "...."
Raven: "You achieved it. You got it."
Raffles: "I still do not know what you're hinting at."
Raven: "You're so happy!!" *turns towards him* "You got that sense of achievement!!"
Raffles: "..."
Raven: "And I never could...."
Raffles: "Why not...?"
Raven: "My parents stole it from me!"
Raffles: "What...?"
Raven: "They took it away.... I can't do anything anymore." *starts crying and hides her face in his coat*
Raffles: ".....Raven you're an idiot." *Hugs her* "You have more then what I ever could...I wish I was you in a strange way.."
Raven: "Why? How could you say that!?"
Raffles: "Raven, you're one of a kind, you let other ponies know how you feel, you don't let anypony tell you who you are or how you should act. You're beautiful in that way. And on your parents, your parents can never take away your happiness, only you can idiot. Don't live in the past or else you have a chance of becoming like this zonkey, here. Cold and unfeeling towards others. I wish I could be more emotional like you, I wish I could get by without any form of drug helping me out, you have achieved so much because of that without even realizing it."
Art done by MLPFrost 
Raffles Hoof is owned by Existenceinanutshell
Raven is owned by MLPFrost 
MLP is owned by Hasbro
Dialogue and story written by both MLPFrost & Existenceinanutshell

I say enter Dreamy-Drapony contest you won't regret it, 1st place winner gets 100 points.
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